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Celebrating Deviousness- April 2016

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing Picolo-kun
My name is Gabriel Picolo, I’m an illustrator based in Brazil who loves coffee and black kitties.
I’ve been drawing since I was kid but it was always a hobby which I didn’t put much time into. By 2013 I used to draw a doodle per month. Maybe.
Then, I joined the DeviantArt community on 2014 when I did the 365 days of doodles project, in which I challenged myself to draw a doodle a day, for the whole year. It was one of the most challenging things I ever did and it helped me so much with developing my craft and to keep drawing regularly.
Everything from then on was crazy and by the end of the 365 days I was getting art commissions and clie
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Celebrating Deviousness - May 2016

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing ryky
My name is Benjamin Cehelsky and I’m from the Czech Republic. I’m 23 years old and I have drawn since I was child. However, the biggest inspiration for me was DeviantArt, which I joined 9 years ago. I met a lot of people and friends all over the world here. My style of painting has changed many times throught the years and it has improved. Mainly, I was into the digital paiting. Many talented artists inspired me to try this, right here on DeviantArt. In 2012, I decided to help beginners, that’s why I started to create tutorials for digital paitings.
People were so grateful and feedback was so great that I’m still doing it. At this time I’m
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 57 86
Some sketches by Sawitry Some sketches :iconsawitry:Sawitry 230 22 Carrot-Top by Poch4N Carrot-Top :iconpoch4n:Poch4N 1,199 52 Pick Up All by HowXu Pick Up All :iconhowxu:HowXu 131 32 Weekly art#45 Merry Chrismas by HowXu Weekly art#45 Merry Chrismas :iconhowxu:HowXu 1,203 74 Weekly art#52 Choculear Launch Detected by HowXu Weekly art#52 Choculear Launch Detected :iconhowxu:HowXu 825 50 Commission Tied Up In A Box by HowXu Commission Tied Up In A Box :iconhowxu:HowXu 296 48 Weekly art#51 Happy Chinese New Year by HowXu Weekly art#51 Happy Chinese New Year :iconhowxu:HowXu 825 42 Is Rose pretty? by Cupcakenacho Is Rose pretty? :iconcupcakenacho:Cupcakenacho 12 1 Mio 100 Girl by Haje714 Mio 100 Girl :iconhaje714:Haje714 493 22 Hina Hime by Liclac Hina Hime :iconliclac:Liclac 988 53 Eeveelution Gijinka ft. Vaporeon by nakeekat Eeveelution Gijinka ft. Vaporeon :iconnakeekat:nakeekat 3 0 Zircon's Sneaky Shirt Lift by Will6790 Zircon's Sneaky Shirt Lift :iconwill6790:Will6790 3 1 Chillin by Madacon Chillin :iconmadacon:Madacon 690 46 Weekly art#48 Casual Pegasus by HowXu Weekly art#48 Casual Pegasus :iconhowxu:HowXu 1,033 48



Ok! So, on the fact i havent been on DA for around 4 months now, i literally have at least 15.5K notifications... i dunno what im gonna do with my this account X(

School started beginning of August and its goin pretty well, decent grades without fail, friends are increasing as i go through this time in my life. I've gotten into music (Monstercat in particular, the best :D ), got over my addiction of porn (but its obviously still on my DA account, but i dont mind it), the thing about my addiction is that i masturbate to it and i thought it was a really bad thing to do especially in my teen years :/ 

Relationships... yeee about that (story time :3), i had mixed feelings about this girl cuz :i thought she was the one and shes real pretty and all" (pretty dumb of me to say these things right? yea, im an idiot) and of whom i never talked to, but i go up to her anyways on my birthday (one week before last day of school, May 22) and i said "i like you, a lot", unfortunately she liked me back cuz she said im nice (and i was like "is that it?" in my head D: ), she was my first kiss, EVER. She told me she loved me, i dont know why, she lied to me about having a phone number so that i could call her, she lied about loving me, yep an idiot for love. Ok, so over summer break i got her earrings. And on the first day of school i kissed her very awkwardly, next day she gave back the earrings i gave her and she wrote some kind of "letter" explaining why she doesnt like me anymore instead of saying this stuff to my face; she was cheating on me with 2 guys (her best friend and some other dude), family problems, a boyfriend she cant keep up with that she doesnt know and some other stuff i cant remember :P i am actually happy for her, she chooses who she likes and i appreciate her decision, but all the pda in school is overwhelming, its just everwhere, and i wasnt really mad/sad that day, i was pretty chill, i didnt really care either, doesnt matter who i am, there will always be someone better (i learned myself) and love sucks (friends taught me). and then i realized single life is best life :)

Overall, girls and love suck, dont ever fall in love in the future, keep working hard, have fun, be happy, go do something with your life that will distract you from what is temporary (such as material items and love) so you can feel like your awesome (moral of story) 

i hope everyone here that i follow on DA knows i am still here, im not dead, and im not just a lone follower of likable art, i am my own individual person and will strive to keep in contact with the people i love here <3 love you guys, stay awesome, have an amazing week 


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United States
I usually look at awesome art and comment, Ill upload art later in life, but for now I'm just a simple nobody getting nowhere in life


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